Services Available From Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing

Specific Shamanic Healing Services

  • Retrieve power animal / personal helping spirit
  • Soul Retrieval: Retrieve life force energy (soul parts) lost during traumatic experiences
  • Extract negative energy interfering with your life and health
  • Unravel curses against you or your ancestors
  • Remove spirit attachments and send them into the light
  • Cord Cutting
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Drum & rattle healing
  • House Clearing (removing spirits and other negative energies from buildings)
  • Workshops on Core Shamanism
  • Crossing over the dead
  • Communicating with the dead

Reasons to Seek Shamanic Healing

  • Scattered thinking, difficulty keeping track of appointments
  • Frequent nightmares, difficulty sleeping
  • Not feeling like your normal self after visiting geriatric facilities, hospitals, bars, cemeteries, funeral homes, hospices
  • Chronic or long term misfortune, depression, anxiety and / or pain
  • Can’t remember last time you felt joy
  • Feel like a misfit, don’t seem to fit in anywhere
  • Traumatic life experiences
  • Electronic devices malfunction or fail when you are near them
  • You often feel tired / drained in morning, even when you slept well
  • You’ve never been the same since…….(some event)
  • You have emotions or memories about things which don’t seem to have been part of your life
  • Feel a lack of purpose in life

Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing

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