Clearing Family Heirlooms, Stones, Jewelry and Other Objects

When you brought home that brass floor lamp you inherited from grandma, or that new stone you found at the rock shop, did you notice that somehow something was “off” at your house from that time forward? Something was not the same? Maybe you even started to feel as though there was a creepy, unsettled energy around that object?

Even though an object, like a rock or a plate is “solid,”, it can still take on various kinds of entities. For example, once I did a house clearing for an undertaker. Many of the ghosts of his clients were inhabiting the sock drawer of his dresser!

In another house clearing, a brass floor lamp really did contain the ghost of grandma. I crossed her over.

When you bring any object into your home or your space, you may be bringing in something unexpected with it, in the same way that a blanket from a sick person may carry with it the virus that made the person sick, potentially infecting others.

Many people bring me objects to clear, and I remover whatever ghosts, demons or whatever other entity / energy may be causing that uneasy feeling.

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