Crossing Over Friends & Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered whether someone you knew ever made it into the “Light”, or whether they are somehow still on Earth, wandering around and not at peace?

Reasons Why the Dead Stay Earthbound

  • Fear of the “Judgement.” Some people who grew up in conservative churches have been told since childhood that they are unworthy of Heaven and will surely go to Hell when they die. These people stay Earthbound out of fear.
  • People who are heavily medicated at the time of death, or who OD, may have minds made so unclear and confused by the drugs that they cannot find their way into the Light when the opportunity comes. They consequently get stuck on Earth, and may not even understand that they have died.
  • People who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for many years may not want to go into the Light. These people may prefer to “step into” a living addict, so that they can continue to enjoy their habit.
  • People who die very suddenly, for example of a heart attack or in a car accident, may not know that they have died. They stay Earthbound, hurt and confused that it suddenly is hard to talk to people or be seen.
  • People who commit suicide usually stay Earthbound, feeling that their actions have made them unworthy to cross over into the Light.

What Is It Like to Be an Earthbound Spirit?

An Earthbound spirit – a ghost – lives in what I call the Gray Lands. They are in a place in between, with one foot in the spirit world, and the other still on Earth. It is like being in an elevator stuck between floors, and it is confusing and sad. To make matters worse, they are still experiencing the emotions, memories, and probably the physical discomforts they were experiencing at the moment of death. Having missed the opportunity to cross over into the Light, they are now stuck on Earth indefinitely.

How Dr. Farnsworth Can Help

Many people bring me lists of family members, friends and coworkers who have died, and ask me if they have made it to Heaven. Some have questions for those who have passed on. With the help of my shamanic spirits, I can easily communicate with the dead, find out if they are still Earthbound, and help them to move on to what, in Shamanism, we call the Blessing Field. The Blessing Field is not about the Judgement. Instead, it is about healing and the evolution of the soul.

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