Exploring Akashic Records

Have you ever wondered if you have been here before? Would you like to learn more about the kind of lives and deaths you have experienced in the past, and how they may be helping you, or holding you back, in this lifetime? Some past life experiences, and patterns across lifetimes, may help you to understand family situations and health conditions in this lifetime.

There are many possible roads to follow to help us learn about your past lives, and to remove traumas which may still be lingering deep in your subconscious memory. For example, exploration of phobias, negative beliefs, negative emotions, health problems, and types of death in previous lives will shed light on who you have been, what you have learned, and what patterns are still trying to repeat.

Accessing Past Lives

We access these past lives by asking my Spirits where in your body a particular negative experience / belief / emotion / type of death is residing, and then pull out that negative energy and discard it.

The energy may take the form of a variety of entities, among them ghosts. Removing the energy then frees up your present life from a part of the baggage of your past.

Examples and Brief Case Studies

Phobias Traced To Past Lives

Do you suffer from claustrophobia – fear of being in closely confided spaces? We may find that you had a lifetime in an ancient civilization which buried you alive with a dead king.

Fear of heights? Perhaps you fell off a castle tower in the middle of fighting a battle, or you were thrown off a mountain top as an offering to gods.

Releasing the energy of the phobia helps you to move past it.

Using a Type of Death to Track Down and Free Up a Past Life

Recently a young lady came to me complaining that she would like to marry and have a child, but she suffered from relentless distrust and hostility toward all men. Looking at Types of Death, the Spirits suggested that we look at death by rape. We uncovered five different lifetimes in her past in which she had died by rape. In some of the lifetimes, she was a young woman, and in some a young man. Afterwards she said that a tremendous weight had been lifted off of her. She felt so much more relaxed and happy, thinking about having a healthy relationship with a man.

A Disease Pattern Across Lifetimes

Many years ago, a woman with lung cancer came in. We discovered that she had a pattern across many lifetimes of being exposed to environmental toxins, and this pattern was one of the roots of her cancer. In one past lifetime, she had worked in a lead mind. In another lifetime, she had died in childhood from dysentery. In another lifetime, she had worked in a factory, exposed to many toxic chemicals, and in yet another, she had died of smoke inhalation from a house fire. In this lifetime, she grew up next to a paint factory. Removing the energy of these lifetimes helped her to get better.

Power Animals Can Help Us to Explore Past Lives

A power animal (aka animal helping spirit, aka totem) can help guide me back to your past lives on your behalf, and tell you the stories and lessons that your own spirits need you to hear. Sometimes there are strengths, talents and abilities to bring back from these lifetimes. Sometimes there are the energy of traumas to clear, and past lives to be crossed over.

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