House Clearing

Energy can get stuck and stagnant in a space such as a house. A home cluttered with belongings and unresolved emotions also can attract negative energy. The first step in space clearing is to clean out the space, and also ask the land around the space if there is some sort of energetic disruption or pollutant. Smudging, drumming, rattling and prayer are used to clear the space the rest of the way and get positive energy flowing again.

Reasons for Requesting a Paranormal Assessment of Your Home or Office

  • Items such as books and keys mysteriously disappear and reappear
  • Voices, sounds, someone calling your name, but no one is there
  • Someone recently died in the building
  • Family member or close friend recently died
  • Not sleeping well, frequent nightmares
  • Unusual sightings in building
  • Feel like someone is watching you
  • Building is located near cemetery, funeral home, hospital, bar, church, hospice
  • Recent emotional upset in home, visitors or family members
  • Pets behave strangely in certain areas of home, whining or barking
  • Electric appliances turn on and off for no apparent reason
  • Even when you sleep well, you often feel tired or drained when you wake up
  • Objects move on their own
  • You see shadows which cannot be explained by room lighting
  • You feel someone brush past you or touch you, but no one is there
  • You see orbs of light or unexplained visitors who disappear suddenly
  • A figure appears every day at same time and follows same route through property
  • Unexplained cold spots in your home or building

Please note, clearing an average middle class house usually takes about 3.5 to 4.0 hours.

Free Walk Through Available

The Walk Through means that we walk through and around your house to get an understanding of what is going on paranormally. We also set up sacred space at the end of the walk through to ask questions about portals, the history of the land, etc. to determine what is causing problems and what needs to be done.

General Procedure for Doing a House Clearing

  1. All participants and tools are smudged, with an explanation of how to keep safe
  2. We go through every room 2x to clear out negative energy clinging to walls and stuck in corners. This involves the use of bells, drums, salt and brooms.
  3. Portals, if any, are closed
  4. Items requiring exorcism are cleared.
  5. Any ghosts in the house are crossed over into the light. Dark spirits, if any, also are crossed over into their domain.
  6. Walls are reinforced
  7. All rooms are smudged
  8. In some cases, crystals (wards) are planted at the corners of the house, and even around the corners of the property.

Mileage charges apply for locations more than 15 miles from Ann Arbor proper

Our range for house clearings includes locations within 15 miles from Ann Arbor, MI proper.

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